Stress: How to Cope at the End of Your Rope
Aug 2014

Are you at the end of your rope or near the breaking point? Stress can be a threatening monster but it can also be a positive motivator

Verbal & Emotional Abuse: Victory Over Verbal & Emotional Abuse
Jul 2014 - Aug 2014

We’ve all been wounded by the hurtful words and actions of others, often carrying around a wounded heart for a lifetime. Do you know that you can be rescued from the heartache of abuse and begin a healthier way of life today? Listen as June Hunt shows us how this is possible.

Self-Worth: Discover Your God-Given Worth
Jul 2014

Do you live in fear of how others view you? Do you rely on the acceptance of family and peers for your sense of significance? 

Codependency: Balancing an Unbalanced Relationship
Jun 2014

Do you crave the approval of others? Are you driven by a desire to feel needed? You may be caught in a cycle of codependency and not even realize it. Listen as June Hunt reveals the pitfalls of these unhealthy patterns

Manipulation: Cutting the Strings of Control
Jun 2014

Do you feel condemned? Is there someone for whom you feel misplaced pity or sorrow? In the lopsided dance of manipulation there's a leader who thrives on control ... and a follower who's compelled to please. How do you break this unhealthy pattern? Listen to this important program from June Hunt.

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